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Social virtual reality – EA’s Sims saga comes to FB

In Games on August 28, 2011 by nickejones Tagged: ,

So you have probably read about the new game in town for Facebook. Yes its back, Sims. This EA franchise could tell a fortune of unlimited success. Personally, i’m not a Sim gamer (except its original form SimCity) but this beta version of the Sim is bound to be a hit.

Take virtual reality (VR) games, website, or apps for example. When most people think about VR examples, Second Life comes to mind. It is hugely popular in the online VR socially orchestrated gaming space. Second Life is where you create an avatar and interact with other avatars on the web – the perfect cure for those with split or multiple personalities.  Despite how popular these VR platforms can potential be, with the virtual currency and profile purchases marketed, it falls short because of it fails to appeal to the mass’s for reasons such as time, emotional affiliation, and users trust.

Where the Sims will succeed is in the ability to create avatars that truly represent a person, and consequently their Facebook profile. In doing so, not only does the vanity of individuals transform into a desire to enhanced their avatar (translating into dollars) but it would be quite easy t become emotionally attached as it is socially orchestrated events with your friends.

The implications are unclear. Probably an increase of bullying, sexual inclinations, acted out inhibitions and blocked friend accounts. Likely too is a truck load of money that EA will make from their in app purchases.

All in all, I love the idea. I hope that it is a hit but am scared of the repercussions. I don’t want VR avatar Jim to be visiting my partners Facebook Sim house whenever he feels like it.