This is a professional blog of ideas, experiences and information surrounding business, ICT and social media. The goal of this blog is to contribute to the wider community and engage people who have simular passions. Views expressed are my own, and do not reflect the views of Sitecore.

My experience in ICTs including web, mobile, and research. It has been an interesting journey that has lead me through many doors some of which I still re-visit.

Building something with your own two hards is a great thrill. I spend my past time building iPhone apps. Coming from a non-programming background I have been emerged in mobile development and applications both technical and non-technical side for years. It is a hobby and a passion. I think mobile computing is a fascinating an influential industry.

Social media is also my hobby. I spend many days thinking of ways to leverage social media from a business and personal viewpoint. This space is one of the most fascinating areas on the web and there will be continual focus for marketers and business operations as these platforms mature and new platforms emerge.

I hope you enjoy my blogs.

Comments are welcome, opinions are expected!


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