3 things to help with your online marketing efforts

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For the last few years I have been part of a revolution. Actually we all have. I’m talking about the prolific use of data, and personalised content targeting. And it’s our participation that has caused this marketing evolution – 1.28 billion people joining Facebook, 200 million searches every month, and 30 trillion unique URLs every month. Everyone is part of the movement whether you’re a carpenter, scientist, doctor, broker…. EVERYONE.

Yet marketers often treat data as the Tryion Lannister of the family (Game of Throne reference). Like Tryion the imp, the data often gets overlooked, little credit for the success, and its importance is frequently understated.

Consumers are happy to be a customer to Google, FB, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and any other online service – practically if it’s free. But free is a misconception. No monetary transaction takes place, instead, we exchange our data for their service, turning people into a “product” on sold to advertisers and marketers. For these services, the intricate details into our behaviour is a gold mine. Online data brokers make millions on selling your search history, purchasing habits, consumer preferences, marriage status, and much more. 

If Facebook was a Westfield shopping mall, what would it look like? Would I be directed to stores based on my profile preference? If Google was a Bunnings (Australian equivalent to Walmart) would billboards be filled with Adwords? Its fun to image but in reality, the same concepts apply. No matter what channel marketing is delivered today (multi-cross-omni), unless marketing is targeted with appealing content, it’s impossible to attract people. You cannot force content to appeal to the individual, it must be relevant to them. This is why data plays a significant role in today’s successful marketing.

The key to being a successful marketer on new advertising and marketing platforms is to be relevant and delight your audience. I’ve listed 3 things every online marketer must think about before actively marketing online. Remember these 3 things and it will help you be successful attracting customers and gain meaningful insights in the process:

1.Content is King but only if it’s at the right time, in my preferred channel.

A successfully online marketer isn’t just thinking about content, they’re thinking about context. Your customer is bombarded by content and they’ll only read meaningful, and helpful content.

2.If you’re a marketer, know what channel, device, content is most successful in converting leads online.

Your customers may prefer to read blogs over watching videos posted on Facebook. Spend your marketing budgets on where your customers live and you’ll maximise your ROI on any marketing and advertising expense.

3.Don’t be a dataminer, be a Smart Marketer

Pick a few key metrics that are important to YOUR business, then test and optimise. An online marketer is allowed to fail. But fail fast and you’ll succeed.






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