Quick look at the crystal ball in 2014

In Digital Marketing on January 14, 2014 by nickejones

Quick look at the crystal ball in 2014

What’s on the minds of marketers in 2014?

As customers are bombarded with data, I predict in that Australia, big efforts will go into making sense of all the information being collected from digital marketing solution.

The complexity of the marketing mix is greater than ever whilst the technology stack to support marketer is vast and costly to maintain. For an organisation, high importance is put onto people their investments to prove ROI online. In more and more organisations the marketeer is stepping up in the boardroom to present growth, retention, and online engagement ROI. Yet measuring across organisation, across channel, and across technology silos, the challenge still faced by many enterprise customers is optimised customer experience. Big data aims to solve this and help the market predict and execute through single interface of aggregated data, without becoming a data analyst to do so.

More often than not, customers require more than one system to orchestrate their marketing strategy.  BI and web analytic will converge in the rise of ecom. For solution vendors to be successful they need to be more than technology nuts and bolts. These digital marketing solutions have business critical impact to deliver customer experience and conversion through critical online channels. Solution vendors will have to support the marketing department with front line support. Through consulting support, this enablement will lead to successful outcomes on relevant digital projects and help early adopters take a competitive advantage in emerging trends throughout print, location based services, and interactive screens.


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