New media talk – Part 1

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Technology innovation is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. They are complex systems that are incremental and in recent times, rapidity emerging. At this point in time, many IT developments are fragmented and there is very little unity or consolidation across domains. Playing a central role in defining technology in the future, more specifically web platform technology, is how content is managed and consumed. Social networking platforms are attempting to redefine the flow of media on the Internet by leveraging user’s profiles to competitively deliver content to the consumer (Levitz, 2006).

The online social networking revolution impacts society’s day-to-day activities. Redirecting social interactions to online has consequently altered our perceptions of media, as online social networks largely influence access to content, filtration of content, consumption of content, how it is formatted, and fundamentally where is it obtained. The information age is one that “embodies and symbolises the huge advance on our horizons of experience, attainment, and understanding” which collectively can deliver media from a networked source of information repository –i.e. the Internet (Adams, 1997, pg.947). The ability to enhance the process of retrieving and consuming information is complex but necessary. It requires networks of information to be leveraged. New media entails more than simply browsing content; users play participative roles in the content distribution. Passive browsing no longer exists, as profiling, metadata, crowd sourcing, and links are collectively mapped. Therefore, it is these participative activities that will drive distribution and production of relative content, reshaping the media industry forever.


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  1. FYI – this is a five part serious into how social networks are the channel for new media consumption!

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